Principle 7

Measure and publicly report on targets and achievements in relation to Early Parenting and Early Childhood Development

Closely monitor and evaluate service quality and effectiveness in order to maintain an economic and social evidence base, which will enable the prioritisation of initiatives and the allocation of funding.

7.1. Establish targets and parameters for measuring achievement of targets across all areas of the CEP initiative as called for in SDG17.

7.2. Publish and communicate the CEP Initiative and Policies, including plans for achieving SDG targets related to CEP.

7.3. Measure and report on progress relating to targets, internally to governments and service delivery organisations and externally to the wider public, including NGOs and organisations representing women and mothers.

7.4. Evaluate the service outcomes to create an evidence-based assessment of their effectiveness and cost-benefit. Use the results to inform decisions on priorities and allocation of funding.

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