Highlights after our week in New York and the CEPPs Side-Event at the UN

Highlights after our week in New York and the CEPPs Side-Event at the UN

The beginning of the year has been rich and intense and we are happy to share some good news with you.
We are back home after a great week attending the 55th session of the UN Commission on Social Development (CSocD55 ) at the UN Headquarters in New York. About fifty side-events took place during the session, highlighting a wide range of issues such as, mental health and well-being for youth, shared societies, inclusive cities for sustainable families, among others.

Some highlights:

On Wed. 8th, the Childhood and Early Childhood Parenting Principles (CEPPs) and “the Mother and Child Manifesto” were introduced to an appreciative audience including members of UN Committees and NGO Representatives from different countries at one of these side-events. Our speakers were international experts in their fields and their topics captivated the audience, as they are not often raised at this level. This side-event at the UN was organized by one of our founding partners, Make Mothers Matter (MMM).

Speakers at our CEPPs Panel Event:

  • Rima Salah, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine, Former Deputy Director for UNICEF, Chair of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium, Co-editor of “Pathways to Peace – The transformative power of children and families”, presented: The inter-generational dimension of poverty and what Neuroscience tells us.
  • Sandra Bardsley, President, Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology And Health (APPPAH): Proven practices in prenatal and perinatal care to help disadvantaged mothers and families.
  • Sara Watson, Global Director, ReadyNation International: Global Business as partners in Early Care and Education – why, what and how.
  • Valerie Unite, Executive Director CEPPs Global Initiative: The CEPPs Initiative: Proposing a unifying framework and roadmap to accelerate and scale-up the 2030 Global Agenda.

Read the full report here

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