Southern Oregon Success

Southern Oregon Success

We at Southern Oregon Success  are a collaboration of all levels of education, health care, mental health care, human services, public safety and workforce development in Jackson and Josephine Counties.

The Southern Oregon Early Learning Services is affiliated with our collaboration as a key partner, and the Executive Director of SOELS is on our Steering Committee.

As a regional collaboration, we have agreed on a common vocabulary and approach based on the sciences of Neurobiology, Epigenetics, ACEs and Resilience (NEAR) through a curriculum developed by Dr. Rob Anda and Laura Porter of ACE Interface, a national leader in trauma-informed approaches.

Since May of 2016, we have offered over 170 no cost trainings across all sectors to over 7,500 people, and are working with educators at all levels, organizations of all kinds and community groups on implementing trauma-informed practices. We see the change of perspective that comes with the understanding of NEAR as a key ingredient in changes policies and practices in ways to better help children and families to thrive.

The program PAX Good Behavior Game, was introduced here locally in March of 2016, but  they have been developing this system for many years. For one local school district, a pilot program was developed to focus on their 1st grade classrooms, mostly ages 6 and 7. They took a baseline of classroom disruptions in their first grades before introducing PAX, and in just over three months of work with the program, they saw a reduction in classroom disruptions of an average 66%…

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