Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health

A secure base for every Michigan baby

MI-AIMH works across Michigan to promote good infant mental health. Through training, education, advocacy and Endorsement®, we equip birth-to-three and family professionals to support optimal child development by nurturing strong relationships for infants, toddlers and families, and those who care for them all.

Good infant mental health begins with a secure base

MI-AIMH equips birth-to-three professionals to help parents and babies navigate their new and sometimes challenging relationships, nurturing the secure attachments and optimal development that are the foundation for a lifetime of good mental and behavioral health.

We do this through training and education, advocacy and collaboration. We offer specialized training, relevant materials, user-friendly tools, and specialized consultation leading to the globally-recognized IMH-E® credential.


We educate and support the nation’s largest network of infant mental health professionals. We offer competency-based professional development through our biennial conference, training series, and individual workshops. MI-AIMH provides learning opportunities for thousands of early intervention, health care and early education professionals who use IMH principles in working and caring for infants and their families. We train hundreds more IMH specialists who provide intensive IMH services to pregnant women, infants, toddlers and families.

MI-AIMH Chapters

Plug-in to one of 12 MI-AIMH chapters near you and connect with other IMH professionals.

These chapters vary in degree of participation and involvement; however, many of them hold regular meetings, sponsor trainings and offer networking.

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