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Kindred Media

Our Mission

We support the task of conscious parenting, considering the needs of children and parents in a rapidly changing world. Understanding that there are immense forces through which we direct our lives and make our own choices for ourselves and our children, Kindred respects each parent’s unique journey and the choices made along the way. We understand that there is no formula for meeting each person’s individual challenges and therefore trust each parent’s innate ability to know and intuit what is right for their child, for themselves and their families.

KindrFCL_Logo_square-text11289ed serves as a gathering place for families to explore and share their experiences of writing a new story of childhood, motherhood, fatherhood and the ever changing and evolving adventure of being fully human. Kindred Media explores social, political, spiritual, global and environmental issues. Kindred also recognizes the inherent importance and worth of our shared custodianship of the future of our world through our children, not only as parents but also as members of the human community.

Kindred  Media and Community is an alternative media and nonprofit educational initiative of the American nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living.

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