Action allied with reflection creates motion, FIMB research is refined from year to year. Convinced of the need to create links between all humanitarian associations and mobilize many skills, Evelyne Mesquida founded  the global support network International Women Broken Walls (FIMB) in 1990, based on the central role of women and the education of children. It instills in this network the vocation to protect life in all its aspects and creates links between all those who work for the renewal of high values. She is currently the Founding Director of the movement.

Step by step, concretely, FIMB sets up cross means of communication, action and alliance with each component of society: education, humanitarian, environment, interfaith, health, business, art, culture, sport … The The idea of ​​complementarity allows FIMB unprecedented scale and deployment.

In 2016, FIMB brings together 350 million people in 104 countries.
Evelyne Mesquida’s vision is realized every day: a true planetary network, the network lays the foundations for a new society.

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