A Pre-Natal Project in India

A Pre-Natal Project in India

A Pre-Natal Project in India

– Exploring the ancient Vedic concepts on the importance of prenatal life and its links with ECD today.

“Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavla is a famous institute, providing various services to the society. Mr. Gajanan S. Kelkar, M.Tech. (I.I.T., Mumbai), Trustee & Research Director of the centre, is leading the research on prenatal education, under the guidance of Swami Vijnananand (Founder, Manashakti).

The concept that, ‘right from pre-natal stage i.e. when the child is in the womb of the mother, sanskars [good values] can be imparted to it, has been practically implemented by Swami Vijnananand, some 40 years back. Till date, thousands of couples have participated in this ‘pre-natal sanskar experiment’ & have had excellent results. In all, on this overall research, Manashakti has published a book namely – ‘Fetus Speaks From The Womb : Learn To Listen’ [In Marathi]. Alongwith it, programmes like Garbha-Samarthya Study-course, Garbha-Sanskar Workshop, Fetuscope Test, etc. are also conducted in the research centre. Recently, the research division has also published a special ‘Pre-natal Record-book’ for pregnant couples…”


Based on ancient Vedic concepts of prenatal education, an educational community near Bombay has been offering a program for thousands of pregnant parents and their unborn babies for 40 years.

The goal of the program is –
1. To welcome the baby with good thoughts,
2. To impart good values to the fetus,
3. To improve the emotional health of parents,
4. To increase the active participation of the fathers during pregnancy, and
5. To increase the courage and confidence of mothers during labor.

Unique to this program is its extensive use of scientific instruments designed to measure the subtle effects of the mind on the body of both parents and babies. This paper briefly describes the program, its historical roots and empirical results.

This program has been implemented for more than 40 years and we have found many astonishing and positive results. More than a lakh people have taken part in the project and they are quite vocal about their satisfaction with the outcome. Our tests show that in more than 70% cases of babies delivered after adoption of this procedure, the ‘courage’ temperament has increased. Babies are alert, attentive, receptive and sharp.

This project has become a tool for social revolution, spreading good values in society. Babies in the womb are affected by the thoughts and emotions of their parents. Therefore, it becomes essential for parents to avoid negative thoughts and bad habits, and to maintain a cheerful atmosphere.

The nurturing process continues after delivery. Thus you can expect to find a gradual but steady change in the social environment and, ultimately, a strong coherent society based on unity and sacrifice.”

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Read more on the Effect of rational “Prayer” on Fetus & Mother: A Quantitative Approach”
Authors: Mr. Kelkar, M.Tech.; Mrs. Dharmadhikari, Ph.D. and Mr. Dharmadhikari, Ph.D.

Abstract of the Research:
The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of “good, rational thoughts” (called “prayer”) on the fetus and the mother during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

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