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Why should you join?

In the Every Newborn Action Plan coordinated by the WHO and UNICEF, it is reported that for the first time, the world has the knowledge and resources to end preventable deaths of mothers and newborns within a generation. Governments around the world have signed up to the Action Plan but to make this a reality, rely on bottom-up support from professionals and organizations in health, social and early childhood care in every city, region and country. Read more

CEPPs proposes a collaborative platform in each country, for professionals and organizations in health, social and early childhood care to engage and form partnerships with governments at all levels. CEPPs has the transformative potential to break inter-generational cycles of adversity and disadvantage in the world, thereby helping to accelerate the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda, (in particular Sustainable Development Goals 3-5 which address health, education and the condition of women and girls).

An expanding network of dedicated professionals

We invite you to join with other like-minded professionals, dedicated to improving the lives of mothers and young children in the world. Your expertise and experience will help us spread the word, and by expanding the CEPPs Network, promote the sharing of knowledge and best practice in health, social and early childhood care. Contact us today

CEPPs is a voluntary organisation and there are no membership fees.

The 7 CEPPs Principles are based on existing examples of multi-sector and multi-stakeholder networks that deliver a continuum-of-care to mother and child during pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood. The principles apply equally in developed and developing countries.

CEPPs also provides a channel for professionals and organizations to speak with one voice and be heard by policy makers and at the highest level, through our consultative status at the UN.

How can you help as a CEPPs partner or supporter?

The path is now clear and 2030 is approaching fast; if we want to make a difference, we cannot afford to wait when it is in our hands to help make things happen! We invite you to join CEPPs today. Your expertise and experience in the field of health, social and early childhood care will be highly valued.

Some options:

  • Join the CEPPs Network, communicate the message and invite others to join
  • Contribute your expertise and experience working on a local CEPPs project
  • Contribute articles and best practice for sharing on a common Knowledge Base
  • Use your web skills; editorial, e-learning, translation, social media, communication etc.
  • Join or form a ‘CEPPs Sister City’ network in your City, Region or Country
  • Become involved in advocacy with governments and UN Agencies
  • Partner with CEPPs on collaborative international initiatives and projects.

We invite you to use the contact form to send us a quick message outlining how you would like to contribute! Let us team up and help build healthier, fairer and more peaceful societies. We look forward to hearing from you.

The CEPPs Founding Partners, 1001 Critical DaysAPPPAH, ISPPM

New Members

We are delighted to welcome you to the worldwide CEPPs Network.

Contact us, together let us make a difference in the lives of mothers and young children in every country.

CEPPs Partners

Organisations that can support and promote Early Parenting and Childhood Care internationally, be involved in Advocacy with governments and UN Agencies, contribute to a common Knowledge Base and/or coordinate CEPPs Networks at regional or country level.

CEPPs Supporters

Organisations and/or individuals that are interested in using their skills and experience to actively promote the CEPPs Initiative, share knowledge and best practice, be members of a CEPPs City or Regional Network, and/or engage with local policy makers in health and social care.

Working bottom up and across sectors – The CEPPs-friendly Cities Programme

The CEPPs network already includes organisations which have been involved in the implementation of Early Parenting and Childhood programs at city, regional or national level for many years.

During 2017 CEPPs will launch the CEPPs-friendly Cities programme. It will promote the creation of city-level networks of professionals in the field of health, education and social services, involved in maternal physical and mental health and early childhood development. CEPPs will promote partnerships and the sharing of knowledge and best practice between these cities. Read more… PowerPoint presentation

We invite you or your organisation to join the worldwide CEPPs Network and become a CEPPs Partner or Supporter. Help improve the wellbeing, health and opportunity for women and young children in every country.

Support the Mother and Child Manifesto - become a CEPPs Partner or Supporter.