Geneva Peace Week, November 2017 – OMEP and CEPPS at the UN

Geneva Peace Week, November 2017 – OMEP and CEPPS at the UN

Early Interventions to Break the Inter-generational Cycle of Violence

Recent research in the field of ECD has identified the ‘critical years’, from conception to age 5, as the foundation that shapes our lives: these early years shape a child’s future physical, emotional and mental health, growth, self-confidence, achievement at school and prospects for employment. Adversity during this period can lead to unemployment, drug use, violence, crime and social unrest.

Peace in society can therefore be seen as an inter-generational cycle, with harm, disadvantage and violence in one generation being perpetuated in the next. The panel will present early childhood interventions from a number of countries shown to break this cycle, thereby building healthier, fairer and more peaceful societies. The presentation will include the social and economic returns being realised by early early intervention programmes.

OMEP and CEPPs will be attending the 2017 Geneva Peace Week in November and will host this event. Other attendees during this week are most welcome to join us!

Friday, 10 November 2017,  UN Geneva : Palais de Nations (Room IX)
Time : 14:15 – 15:30    

World Organisation for Early Childhood Education (World OMEP)

– CEPPs Global Initiative – Childhood and Early Parenting Principles


  • Mr Nektarios Stellakis, OMEP Vice-President for Europe
  • Ms Maggie Koog, OMEP Past President, International focal point to the CCNGO/EFA Coordination Group, NY, 2017-2019
  • Dr. Rima Salah, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale University, Former Deputy Director of UNICEF
  • Ms Valerie Unite, Founder and Executive Director of Childhood and Early Parenting Principles (CEPPs) Global Initiative

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