CEPPs SisterCities ECD Program Launch

CEPPs SisterCities ECD Program Launch

The CEPPs SisterCities Program enables the sharing of experience and best practice between cities with multi-sector Early Childhood Development and Care (ECD) initiatives. On February 26, the City of Pforzheim in Germany became the first ‘official’ CEPPs SisterCity when the Mayor, Peter Boch, signed the CEPPs Statement of Support on behalf of the City Council. CEPPs is now launching Phase 2 of the SisterCities Program and is ready to invite five more cities.

Successes over 10 years in the Pforzheim multi-sector ECD network
In 2006, Pforzheim was one of the 10 pilot cities in Germany to establish a multi-sector Early Intervention Network, aiming to ensure that every child, from conception, grows up in health and safety. Since then multi-sector Early Intervention Networks have been formed in over 600 cities and local authorities across all 16 Federal States in Germany, coordinated by the National Centre for Early Prevention (NZFH) in Cologne.

Pforzheim and the surrounding district of Enzkreiz (pop. 300,000) has a higher than average refugee, migrant and welfare population, yet is rated as above average against a number of measures of child health and safety. The Pforzheim Early Intervention Network comprises over 40 agencies in sectors including health, youth services, social welfare, education and justice.

Seven cities willing to share 30 years’ experience of ‘What Works’ in multi-sector ECD
Pforzheim is joined on the CEPPs SisterCities program by the region of Southern Oregon in the USA (Southern Oregon SuccessSouthern Oregon Early Learning Services and The Health Care Coalition of Southern Oregon) and five ‘A Better Start’ cities in the in the UK (Bradford, Blackpool, Nottingham, Southend-on-Sea and the Borough of Lambeth in London).

Together these cities have had multi-sector early intervention networks in operation for a total of over 30 years, and are willing to share experiences with other cities of what worked, and lessons learned along the way.

Invitation to join the CEPPs Sister Cities Program
On 1 March 2018, Valerie Unite, CEPPs Executive Director announced the launch of CEPPs SisterCities Phase 2. This involves inviting a limited number of additional SisterCities. As Valerie explained; ‘with seven cities on board, representing over 30 years’ experience in multi-sector ECD networks, caring for a total population of around 3 million, we are now in a position to offer this valuable experience to assist others. During Phase 2 we will accept another 5 cities or regions from different countries, who may have existing ECD programs, or who are in the formative stages.

The program involves meeting and exchanging ideas with leaders from other cities in email groups, video conferences and discussion forums. Once synergies are identified, this can be followed by direct contacts, including visits to observe ECD networks in operation and meeting the participants.

I invite interested cities or regions to contact me either by email – valerie@cepprinciples.org – or via the Contact Form on the CEPPs website. https://cepprinciples.org/contact-us/ . Closing date for applications is 27 April 2018. Please share this invitation with colleagues who may be interested.’

For more information on the CEPPs Global Initiative, our Partners and Supporters, and how you could be involved, please visit https://cepprinciples.org/get-involved/ .

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