Begin Before Birth, Symposium 14 June 2018 in London

Begin Before Birth, Symposium 14 June 2018 in London


International speakers at this year’s symposium at Imperial College London will present the latest research covering the mental health of the mother during the perinatal period.  

The Symposium Office, Imperial College London

The mental health of the mother in the perinatal period


At National Heart & Lung Institute, London SW3

In the latest of our popular series of meetings, we have an exciting schedule of new presentations.   The programme will be of interest to all those who care for women in the perinatal period including health visitors, midwives, obstetricians, psychologists , psychiatrists, GPs and paediatricians, as well as researchers and commissioners.

This year’s symposium concentrates on the mental health of the mother in the perinatal period. We have a series of internationally-renowned speakers who will talk about new research as well as new interventions. We will cover the relationship between the mother and her unborn child, domestic abuse in the perinatal period and how best to deal with it, and the impact of the mental health of fathers and how to intervene.

In the afternoon we will have a series of talks concerning cultural differences, and finish with a general discussion led by Dr Alain Gregoire.



Domestic violence, perinatal mental health and what to do about it
– Professor Louise Howard, Professor of Women’s Mental Health, King’s College London

Perinatal parenting – bonding and attachment to the baby before birth
– Professor Jane Barlow, Professor of Evidence-Based Intervention and Policy Evaluation, University of Oxford

The role of the father, his mental health, and effects on the child
– Dr Richard Fletcher, Associate Professor, Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle NSW

Perinatal mental health in the migrant population
– Brigid McConville, Director, The White Ribbon Alliance

Local views about causes of perinatal depression in Nigeria
– Dr Kike Olajide, Wellcome Global Health Clinical Research Fellow, Imperial College London

Perinatal mental health and attitudes in Nigerian women in the UK
– Ruth Oshikanlu, author: ‘Tune into your baby’

Perinatal mental health – what needs to be done
– Dr Alain Gregoire, Maternal Mental Health Alliance UK


At National Heart & Lung Institute, London SW3

Registration fee:   £165 (doctors); £100 (allied health professionals)

Further information and online registration:

VISIT the website Begin Before Birth

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