Principle 6

Adopt a multi-sector approach, ensuring a continuum-of-care in the delivery of physical, emotional and mental health services and early childhood care

Deliver a full spectrum of CEP physical, emotional and mental health support and social services, and early childhood care, including services for special needs, throughout the CEP period.

6.1. Take steps to address local and country-specific issues and to reduce preventable maternal mortality and morbidity and preventable deaths of newborns and children under 3 years of age, in line with targets set out in SDG3.

6.2. Provide universal access to the agreed CEP health and social services, ensuring that these are accessible to all, without discrimination, including to populations in remote areas.

6.3. Include delivery of sexual and reproductive healthcare services, including
family planning, information and education.

6.4. Encourage a culture of collaborative working and information sharing between all sectors and levels of government and organisations delivering CEP services, with shared funding where appropriate, to provide a continuum-of-care for mothers and children.

6.5. Develop information systems to support information sharing between agencies and tracking of at-risk families and those with special needs (e.g. teenage mothers).

6.6. Provide specialist services and support for vulnerable or disadvantaged families, or those experiencing difficulties, to provide guidance and support and promote parent-child interaction, including parent-child counselling if needed.

6.7. Raise awareness and provide support for women, suffering from pre- and post-natal depression, or who are victims of intimate violence which often starts when they become pregnant.

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