Principle 5

Promote best practices in education and the delivery of care, for mothers and professionals

Promote exchanges between CEP stakeholders (universities, research organisations, professional organisations, and CEP service providers) to create a validated set of best practices, and deliver CEP education and care based on these practices as defined in SDG4.

5.1. Establish partnerships with stakeholder organisations and CEP service providers (health, social, education and care professionals), to maintain a validated knowledge base, forums and channels for dissemination of knowledge and best practices in relation to CEP.

5.2. Assess the CEP education needs for CEP professionals, mothers and caregivers in the areas of prenatal, childbirth, early childhood care, attachment, play and stimulation. Include specialist training to identify child mental health issues and at-risk or vulnerable parents and families.

5.3. Develop an education curriculum for CEP professionals based on the CEP knowledge base (college and university level) to meet the needs for qualified educators.

5.4. Enhance the enabling technology, in particular information and telecommunications, aiming to provide universal and affordable access to the Internet and platforms or applications for information and education on CEP, including e-learning portals and webinars as defined in SDG9.

5.5. Implement an awareness and education programme in CEP for teenagers, parents-to-be, mothers, families, and caregivers. In relation to teenagers, draw on experience in other countries and the use of multiple channels (school programmes, brochures, social media publicity, videos, applications on mobile devices etc.).

5.6. Provide pre-natal awareness and education for mothers which emphasise both the physical and emotional aspects of parenting (e.g. breastfeeding, nutrition and attachment), the child’s well-being and healthy social and emotional development.

5.7. Provide early childhood care and development by carers with an understanding of the importance of attachment during early childhood, so children are ready for pre-primary school.

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