Principle 2

Promote partnerships between government, non-government and civil society organisations

Promote partnerships between government, professionals (in health, social and educational sectors), non-government and civil society organisations and engage with policy makers as called for in SDG17:

2.1. Providing a multi-stakeholder platform for consultation and a voice for engagement with policy makers at all levels.

2.2. Ensuring a collaborative approach in research, knowledge exchange, best practices and delivery of CEP services.

2.3. Promoting international cooperation and establish partnerships or programmes to encourage sharing of knowledge and best practices in CEP.

2.4. Engaging communities and ethnic groups in supporting CEP initiatives.

2.5. If applicable, encouraging collaboration between developed and developing countries to promote the progressive implementation of CEP principles.

2.6. If applicable, developing funding programmes and international support, to help developing countries with this same aim.

2.7. Establishing a funding programme to encourage foundations and philanthropic organisations to support the CEP initiative.

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